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First of all, crossroads are clichés and I know it. So, you’ll have to forgive me for the following analogy. But some times in life you’re faced with continuing along the same road or taking the one less travelled. And due to unforeseen circumstances in 2013 that’s exactly what happened. I was faced with either more nine-to-five or a major life shake-up. I chose the later. And while the choice itself was difficult, with the work that followed even more so, what resulted is the creation of my very own label, Zoëe.

Now, I’ve forever been obsessed with both clothing and shopping – even to the point where I’ve looked at clothes in the damn supermarket! (Not joking) But I was continually disappointed with the same boring junk. I’d regularly have an event to go to or need a new outfit and NEVER be able to find it. I’d literally be shopping for things that existed only in my brain! Major problem. So, partly due to this whole ‘crossroads’ thing and partly because I couldn’t find a label catering to my particular fashion proclivities, I decided to create my own.

The Zoëe range is focussed around uncomplicated designs, using clean lines in combination with unique fabrics. I’m obsessed with researching new designs, fabrics and accessories, then bringing them all to life. Even if sometimes it all ends up a mess and I’m back to the drawing board. And our approach to the way we present each piece stems from my own experience as a shopper. You need to see how they wear in real life and on real people in action, so that you know exactly how it will look when you get it home – not simply styled on some lifeless mannequin. I’m passionate about our range and what we’ve created. I love wearing it! And it’s my hope that you will too.